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To add insult to injury, this knock off company has had the nerve to get in touch with some of the designers they’re copying - asking if they want to purchase their products.

Some people just don’t get it.

Personally, I’d like to see knock offs become taboo.  If you see someone wearing an obvious knock off, please give them stink eye on my behalf.


This blog will compare original fetish designs and the inevitable cheaper knock off designes.  For better or worse!  Knock offs Vs. original designers… FIGHT!!!!

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This blog brought to you by Mad Scientist and Archean of WE KNOW LATEX!!!

Round 1: Slick Dot Latex in China Vs. HMS latex in France

I have personally worked with Sophie from HMS latex in France.  She is an artist who takes a TON of time to design new products to the delight of her customers and fans.  Archean owns a few items from HMS and they are Superb.

It certainly seems unfair to see another latex company blatantly steal her design, and worse make a really poor quality knock off that might be mistaken for her work.