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Sometimes I feel like I’m in over my head…

The past week has been energizing.  I crashed, picked up the pieces and got back to work.  Today, my psychiatrist told me how impressed he’s been with my progress.  Not because I’m OK, but because I’m actively pursuing the things I need to do to be OK.  I won’t let myself wallow in self pity (well, not for long) because there’s too much ass kicking to be done.

So with that in mind, I’ve resumed preparing for one of the biggest challenges I’ve set for myself - the Tough Mudder.  My dad and I are going to drive down to South Carolina at the end of October and I’m going to do something impossibly difficult.  I signed up for this because I wanted to choose to do something challenging.  My summer has been a series of events beyond my control.  They’ve been challenging, they’ve been horrible, and they’ve been exciting.  

But this?  This I chose to do.

And now comes the part where I ask for something back - I’m fundraising for the event.  I hate asking for things from people, but I’ve made a commitment to live outside my comfort zone for the indefinite future.  Which is why I’m doing something so out of character - the event, and the soliciting.

In any case, thanks to everyone for the continuous support.  It really does help.

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If You Only Knew What I Was Really Thinking Right Now…

Explodingdog at the Daily Dot

This applies to at least a few people in my life.

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Cosplayer at Comic-Con SDCC 2012 (by andreas_schneider)


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SDCC '12: New Look At The PACIFIC RIM Costumes

A couple outfits from the movie we worked on - Pacific Rim!  These are not the ones we were involved with.  I believe Legacy Armor did these (they designed the Iron Man suit, among many other cool things).

It’s really exciting to see previews from Pacific Rim.  I think it’s going to be an amazing film!

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Guess who just finished quality control on our largest sheeting order to date? THIS GUY. Now to update the inventory online!

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Makin' Latex: ... and we're back to our regularly scheduled programming


Fact: It’s been a rough 52 days.

You never realize just how much you needed someone until they’re gone. Wait. Rewind. Let me introduce myself:

I’m Marika - AKA Archean - the new CEO of Kink Engineering. I wasn’t a big blogger, because that was Matt’s job. Among Matt’s other jobs were designing…

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I love it when my stuff unexpectedly pops up on my tumblr stream!


A great shot featuring one of Kink Engineering’s laser etched latex hoods. 


(via Latex Enclosure Hood by ~kinkystyle)

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Can’t run from it today.

Yep. That about sums up my day.

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Nature abhors a vacuum

Today I took a break from diving to learn how to repel down a rainforest waterfall into a canyon. We then trekked, dove and repelled our way through said canyon. We ate cocoa beans straight out of a pod and I got a hot store massage (photos of everything to come).

Tomorrow it’s back to diving - I’ve got one last open water dive before I’m certified, then a fun dive and a night dive at “champagne reef” where sulphur bubbles through the water, making it appear carbonated.

I’m still occasionally overwhelmed from the pain of Matt being gone, and it’s really hard to do such amazing things without feeling remorse for all the beauty and adventure that Matt will miss… but I’m starting to feel as though my future without him isn’t the bleak void that it once appeared to be, and I don’t think I could be more thankful for anything right now.

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Cover’s done.

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